Thomas Boullault, the chef

Born in a universe where gastronomy is an essential part of life, Thomas Boullault proclaims from his earliest years that he would like to be a chef.

His father lands him a spot at la Tête de Lard à la Ferté Imbault for a holiday dinner and he ends up staying for two years.

With his CAP diploma, he joins l’Auberge de Lanthenay, where he discovers more elaborate cuisine. He earns his BEP diploma and then studies for two more years.

He then decides to try his luck in Paris, where thanks to his nerve, he lands a spot in record time with the team of Philippe Legendre, who just joined the George V.

It’s the discovery of luxury, the cuisine of palaces and working with a gigantic brigade.

After a time spent in Switzerland, he returns to Paris to take on the adventure of Seize. Then, direction the Royal Monceau under the orders of Christophe Pelé, where he discovers a cuisine developed on the spot each day according to the best seasonal products available at the market.

In September 2007, he crosses paths with Eric Martins, who offers him the position of chef at l’Arôme. He sets a goal of obtaining a star by age 30 and instead obtains it at age 28.

Today, he offers a menu that is very personal, where each creation has a meaning, where the balance of each offering is determined by one flavor offsetting another.