Arôme wine cellar

With many grands crus and « appellations confidentielles, » the wine list at l’Arôme doesn’t fall into the trend of “pumped up” wines: Finesse, balance, character and complexity guide the selection of sommelier Renaud Laurent.

Renaud Laurent, with Eric Martins and Thomas Boullault meticulously select each bottle during their visits to wineries. The wine selection is the result of time spent with the wine producers.
Each course, each wine finds its match. The relationship between the cuisine and wine is clear.

A look at the wine list at l’Arôme allows you to seize the passion that animates this restaurant: Precise and original selections, vintage wines ready to be tasted, a selection of wine by the glass that includes the judiciously classic and the newly discovered, and a list of 300 names that offer excellent quality for the price.

And finally, the service, focused on conviviality and sharing:

The harmony between the wine and food is primordial. It also is necessary to listen to the customer, to sense their desires and understand the mood at the table. I enjoy marking these moments of gastronomy by suggesting unexpected wines. For each moment, there is a wine, and for each wine, a story.

Renaud Laurent