The  owner

Eric Martins

Eric Martins, the master of the place gives the tempo in the restaurant.

Basque and “ bon vivant” he has managed to make of “the Arôme” a house a you will like to come back, a place where you will fell immediately at home, but maybe a little bit better. Kind and caring,Eric knows the likes and habits of his customers to give them a personalized and special treat.

You will find there accuracy and discretion. Once you push the door you are enveloped by warmness and passion.

Wine and good products’ lover, Eric Martins will share with you hundreds of funny stories
and guide you to choose among his favorite beverages unique and prestigious wines. Simply because at “the Arôme” excellence and pleasure go with friendliness.

The chef

Thomas Boullault

With his creations like the crab tartar, the turbot in coffee, the surf and turf of lobster and beef or the Mint Carré, The chef Thomas Boullault takes you with him to a world of passion and taste. From matches of sea and soil he is very found of to the products of his native area, the Sologne, he creates with the kitchen team generous and delicate dishes providing from classical and up-to-date inspiration.
You will find there asparagus, ceps and preys according to the season and transformed for your tasting pleasure. Fish and shellfish have also a good place on the menu. There you will listen to a melody created by inspiration ,small juices, red fruits and spices coming from far away countries and all this served for your pleasure.

A Gourmet Restaurant In Paris


At the number 3 Saint-Philippe du Roule street, the Arôme is the place to be in the 8th district of Paris. It is very well located close to the Champ Elysées, to famous and luxury hotels of the golden Triangle, the Elysée Palace, the Saint-Honoré street and the luxury shops of the Montaigne Avenue.